Monday, November 3, 2008

Parents: Leaders and Support Nucleus for our Future Leaders

Nucleus (n00'klē-s) n: the solid central part about which other parts are grouped or gathered; core.

We as parents are the NUCLEUS--the solid, central part of not only the Future League division of the Leimert Park Chargers, but we are the solid, central and core part of the rearing of our children. We must mold and shape our children to be the leaders we want them to be both on and off the field as children and as adults into the future.

Our actions and what we do around our children shape their life experiences and it is up to us to demonstrate positive behavior when we are in their presence. Our children will carry these experiences and principals into the world around them where they will meet people from all walks of life, various backgrounds and socio-economic levels. We need them to be able to hold their own and we must prevent the affliction of educational, healthcare and racial disparities we might unconsciously pass on to them in light of our actions. We must afford them the chance to compete, not only in sports, but in ACADEMICS and attitude!

It is easier said than done and requires a great deal of discipline--that same sort of discipline we expect and demand each of our children to have and exude in the classrooms, on football fields and beyond. But we, as adults, must endeavor to try and persevere through the most challenging of situations and put goodness and wholesomeness out to get it in return--myself included.

A new coined phrase (not one that I coined, but one I will use just the same), Aspire to Inspire is what we should aim for daily. We should want to aspire and reach new heights and be inspired and encouraged by positive, harmonious and just actions. For we know good and positiveness begets more good and positiveness, and well bad and negativity--you can fill in the rest...

Let's set good examples for our children--we are their first teachers and role models and we are performing on a very grand stage each day for them! Let's do our best to make our children proud, well-rounded and globally competitive in this 21st Century!

Thanks to all and remember Aspire to Inspire!

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