Sunday, November 2, 2008

Game 7: 11.02.08 | Leimert Park Chargers vs. California Cowboys

Not just Any Given Sunday!

Rain, rain go away, please come back another day! On an early, wet and rainy Sunday morning when the nation fell back an hour for fall a few hours earlier, parents and future leaders grappled to muster the strength to get out of their warm and cozy beds to prepare and head to their 7th game of the season in the rain!

This time up...the California Cowboys.

Mother nature opted for a reprieve and decided to spare our little guys, what I'm sure they would have considered pleasurable, from a bunch of mud slingin' and slidin' form of play for just a good ole, clean version (in the literal sense) of a great, All-American, past-time!

The game was great and all of the children on both sides of the field and the benches were awesome in their own right!

Our hats are off to all players, coaches and parents! For the LP Chargers Future League...we're hoping the Snooper Bowl is within our grasp, reach!

Stay more game of the regular season to be played next week!

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