Monday, September 29, 2008

Game 3 Comments: USC vs. Texas Longhorns?

Oops! I meant Leimert Park Chargers vs. The Watts Rams!

This game---a nail bitter, a grit your teeth(er), a game with momentum vacillating from one team to the other! An animated and cheering crowd! It seemed as though we'd made it to the small screen...a Lakers TV-like moment, but Chargers TV instead!

It felt like "...been here before". Oh, yeah---we have. You might Recall: the 2006 Rose Bowl game. Now recall the key players: Reggie Bush and Vince Young. Recall a bit more: Burgundy & Gold vs. Orange & know USC vs. the Longhorns! the off chance you can't recall any of this, here's a little You Tube video to jog that memory.

Who could forget the performance by Vince Young in this up-setter?

So you ask...what's the juxtaposition of this game to our Future League boys and the Chargers vs. Rams?

You guessed it, the Chargers had their very own Reggie Bush in the form of Kevin McGuire and the Rams had their very own Vince Young in the form of a young 7-year old who's name I don't have as I write this post. Their ubiquitous play was captivating!

However, the outcome of this game was different--the team with the Reggie Bush-look-alike captured the W. That team is our team, the Mighty, Mighty Chargers!

Our hats go off to both teams who played phenomenal and two players who gave us a de ja vu glimpse of the type of game a Future League-Reggie Bush vs. Future League-Vince Young might have looked like when they were aged 6 or 7. It was awesome and it is one of those--better-seen-in-person-than-video moments!

Our pictorial highlights are below and CONGRATS are in order for both the CHARGERS and the RAMS--their awesome and determined players and coaches!


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